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Packly on Rai News. Our green soul was on the air with a deep dive into sustainability and solar energy production.

August 2022 – We are proud to see Packly on Rai News Molise, highlighting our green and sustainable soul. While energy consumption is at the center of international agendas, Packly rises to the challenge.

For some time now, there has been a shortage of raw materials in packaging, which Packly stores in vast quantities to mitigate costs. Moreover, compared to last year, the company’s energy requirements increased by 800% in conjunction with the spike in turnover—a great success to manage savvily. Giuseppe and Roberto Prioriello – Packly’s founders – have set up a distinctive sustainability strategy for the entire sector.

Packly on Rai News: the secret is in the roof

The company uses equipment and technologies to reduce energy consumption. But the savings come from up above. 4000sqm of solar panels have covered the entire roof of the plant since 2019. 60% of the energy used for printing and finishing is self-produced. An intelligent and global approach that encourages us to have faith in the future.

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Here is the full version of the video for those who want to take a quick tour of the Packly headquarters.


Sustainability means both using recyclable or eco-friendly materials and saving resources. Packly stands out in this sector thanks to forward-looking strategies. Here is another reason to choose Packly for packaging design and printing services of flat cardboard, polythene, and corrugated boxes.