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A deep dive about Packly on UnoMattina: the company is a virtuous enterprise among energy-intensive firms in crisis.

The hype surrounding our sustainability strategy continues with the service featuring Packly on UnoMattina.

The skyrocketing price of electricity and gas is bringing many businesses to their knees in all sectors. There are average increases of 138% for electricity and 228% for gas. This crisis doubles down on price increases for raw materials that hit our country across the board.

As highlighted by TGR Molise, Packly consumes the energy equivalent of 500 families and has seen its needs increase eight times in the last year. The answer was a multi-stage sustainability plan.

Packly on UnoMattina

The optimization of resources happens through cutting-edge machinery and consumption monitoring. But above all, the turning point comes from a photovoltaic system with which the company produces 60% of its energy needs.

The regulatory framework and the PNNR

With solar energy, the latest generation of wind power, and renewable sources, recovery involves transforming production models from a green perspective.

For this purpose, the PNNR allocates a billion for constructing photovoltaic systems to be installed on buildings for productive use. Packly was featured on UnoMattina as a pioneer since, in 2019, solar panels entirely covered the plant roof.

Photovoltaic panels on Packly’s roof


For your packaging needs, choose an innovative and green partner. Even traditional media identify Packly as a virtuous and futuristic enterprise that was able to anticipate the spirit of the times.