Subscription boxes customized according to the names and preferences of the users. In short, Do (k)it yourself. This is the project created by Hud Digital Design Agency and Packly for the brand “Come fare con Barbara”, and shown at Brand Revolution Lab.

The idea

The idea exploits the potential of innovative printing technologies to create a product with a high degree of customization. The kits are addressed to the fans of the show, mainly DIY enthusiasts, and they have been designed to contain all the material required to make a self-assembly frame.

Each kit consists of 3 boxes, 4 sleeves, and a sort of internal lid customized with the name and the colors chosen by users while purchasing. The internal lid works as a user manual too.

The project

Packagings have been designed directly online using the dieline and 3D model generation engine developed by Packly. This service allows creating bespoke 2D-3D templates in just a few clicks. By accessing the website, Hud team has been able to easily manage the whole design process, without any software or plugin installation.

After personalizing the dieline with their own artwork, the agency has taken advantage of the packaging 3D modeling service to share its project with the main brand. Indeed, Packly offers the opportunity to share the custom 2D-3D preview with anyone and on any web-enabled device using a password-protected link. In this way, it is possible to speed up the revision and approval process.

Thanks to these advanced features, Do (k)it yourself has been approved and produced in a very short time.


Packly allows printing custom boxes without minimum order quantity starting from 2 working days. The high flexibility of the printing service has enabled the extreme customization of each subscription box. Kits have been produced using variable data printing and Kraft paperboard ensuring an authentic and elegant end-result.


During Brand Revolution Lab, the Do (k)it yourself project highlighted the production flexibility and the cost-effectiveness of online digital printing technologies.

Thanks to Packly, creating custom boxes with no minimum order quantity at affordable costs has never been so easy.