More and more brands are launching gadgets and limited editions to celebrate the month dedicated to the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.


Throughout the world, June was the month of Pride, or LGBTQ+ rights. Limited edition merchandising and packaging, in the most disparate sectors, have been colored with the rainbow pantones.

No matter your opinion on the subject, you cannot deny that themes such as inclusion and the struggle for civil rights are pressing topics for the individual conscience, for political agendas as well as for companies and their commercial targets.

50 years after the famous Stonewall riots, the pride of being able to be whatever you choose, and the affirmation of love and solidarity take on a universal value.

That’s why no company can afford to turn around and pretend nothing happened. Starting from the digital brands that have colored their logos with the tones of the rainbow, up to cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and beverage companies that have launched limited editions of products “dressed up” for pride and equality.

But let’s run through the most original and fancy examples of customization and production of limited editions that have earned brands a place of honor in the carts and hearts of consumers sensitive to social issues.


The unmistakable brand has created a limited-edition condom box in partnership with eBay. It also contained a coupon to spend on the famous marketplace with the possibility of simultaneously making a charitable donation.

Limited Series Condom Box by Durex and eBay for the Pride
Limited-edition Durex condoms with eBay for the Pride 2019


Mark Jacobs launched one of his most famous lip glosses in a rainbow box for all the fabulous LGBTQ + fans.


Rainbow lip gloss box for the Pride
Rainbow lip gloss box by Mark Jacobs – Pride limited edition


The creative agency M&C Saatchi has produced a line of highly provocative drugs: Lesbotan, Gayspirina, Bisexicillin, Trans Effect, Queerenol, Intersexen: these are the names of the six medicines that were distributed during the Milan Pride parade. What were the true contents of the packages? Candies, but above all an important message: the only disease needing treatment is prejudice.


Boxes of rainbow pharmaceuticals for the Pride
Packs of limited edition candy drugs for the Pride


From 21st to 30th June, shoppers on Amazon Prime Now received limited edition Prime Now bags, personalized with the new Surface campaign “Different on the outside. Equal on the inside. A family.” to make people aware of the inclusive power of new technologies.

Special shoppers for the Pride by Amazon Prime Now
Prime Now bags customized for the Pride


Tannico, online shop of Italian wines, has shipped its bottles in special rainbow boxes that reached the whole world in June.

Rainbow wine boxes by Tannico for the Pride
Limited edition Tannico wine boxes for Pride

Why is it worthwhile creating limited editions or rainbow packaging during the pride?

◘ Because the values of inclusion and equality are shared.
◘ Because these initiatives contribute to making the brand unique and distinctive.
◘ Because they represent an opportunity to do co-marketing with other companies, increasing brand visibility.
◘ Because you can test product novelties on a small scale, before investing on a big launch.

Did we persuade you?

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