Go on a Trip was a 3-days journey inside the digital workflow of bespoke packaging. It was a professional and unique experience offered by Packly, HP, and Zünd, which engaged many visitors of Viscom Italia 2018.


On this occasion, they combined their advanced software solutions and innovative digital technologies, offering a special preview available to Viscom visitors only.


The first stage was Packly‘s booth. It has been the launch pad to create custom packaging in just a few seconds. At this stage, Go on a Trip travelers had the chance to personalize the die-cut template of the chosen box by adding their name inside its graphic design. In particular, visitors had the possibility to choose the box style and the graphic design they preferred through a special application developed using Packly’s APIs. After defining the box, each attendee gave us the name to be added inside the artwork. By confirming all the specifications, the application automatically generated the print-ready PDF including artwork, name and crop marks, and the 2D-3D preview of the bespoke box. The PDF was then immediately shared on Cloud with the HP team. Once the dieline customization was done, each traveler got a travel passport including Packly’s “visa”. The passport allowed participating in the second stage: printing.


The printing process has been done using an HP Latex R printer, the first Latex able to print even on rigid substrates. Indeed, it has been used to print also the luggage tags contained inside Go on a Trip boxes. Once the printing sheets were ready, visitors were promptly directed towards Zünd booth, the last leg of their journey. There, they could attend the cutting and finishing process of the packagings.


Cut and fold have been made by Zünd’s S3 multifunctional cutter, which offers advanced automatic features of recognition and registration of the dieline thanks to its intelligent control technology. The system ensured optimal production performances and allowed the instant finishing of Go on a Trip packagings. Then, the boxes have been filled with exclusive gadgets and given to each traveler.


The high participation and the enthusiasm for the project let us give a winning productive experience to the visitors. During the three days, we had the chance to show them the huge production potential of an entirely digital workflow. Go on a Trip has been tailored to Viscom and it is a unique event of its kind. It has been an experience full of emotions, just the way a journey could be.


If you couldn’t attend the event, enjoy the photo gallery of some of the boxes produced during Viscom!

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