Packly announces the launch of PE coated cardboard on the platform. A new strong and performing support, ideal for food and more, because it resists humidity and grease.

The Packly team is constantly working to expand and enhance our offer. After the pillow box format, we are ready to launch the PE coated cardboard.

It is a material with a layer of PE (Polythene) providing a barrier against moisture and grease. This PE layer measures just 15g / m2, so it is very light. Furthermore, after usage, you can dispose of it like paper (recycling code PAP21).

PE is applied to the back of the card by extrusion. Thanks to an extremely precise electronic control, both the quantity and the coverage of the polymer are strictly measured. The latter creates a functional barrier to moisture, liquids and fats. These properties make the support suitable for containing dry and fatty foods.

Furthermore, the polythene cardboard is suitable for direct contact with food. We remind you, however, that it is up to the end user to verify the suitability of the packaging. In fact, variations are possible based on the intended goal and the actual conditions of use.

With Packly, performing the necessary tests is extremely easy, because we don’t apply minimum order quantities. Consequently, you can first print a very small run so as to carry out all the necessary verifications. Reassuring, isn’t it?

PE coated cardboard: sectors of use

As we mentioned, the main use for this material is food. However, PE coated cardboard is also suitable for packaging perfumes, cosmetics, drugs, beverages and much more. Just choose the best format and couple it with the new support.


PE coated cardboard is exactly the ideal material for your products and you want to test it? No problem. Create a prototype and have it printed even in small runs. We will ship it to you wherever you want so that you can make the necessary adjustments. Once everything is ready, you can launch a production on a larger scale.