We Make Future, the festival of digital innovation, has come to an end. Rimini welcomed over 36,000 attendees from 49 countries around the world. This event brought together diverse minds and cultures, united in the vision of a tech-driven future. The Packly Tour stopped on the Riviera, and today we’ll share the details of our adventure.

We Make Future festival: “something you can’t imagine, you just have to experience it!”. The splendid Riviera Romagnola hosted one of the most important Italian fairs in the field of digital innovation. This extraordinary event welcomed distinguished guests such as Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the World Wide Web, along with well-known figures from the digital world and content creators. But it wasn’t just that: it was also a crucial opportunity for companies and startups to present their missions in the exhibition area.

During the event, 90 stages featured talks on cutting-edge topics such as AI and the metaverse. There were also discussions on technological and digital innovation, as well as the social challenges that the future presents us with. These educational stages were developed in dedicated spaces, each named after innovative figures who have made a significant impact on shaping the future itself. Among the names resonated those of great minds like Rita Levi-Montalcini, Alda Merini, Nelson Mandela, Thomas Edison, and Marie Curie.

In addition to moments of networking and education, the thousands of participants in the fair also had the opportunity to enjoy entertainment and leisure activities. Visitors immersed in a stimulating atmosphere, learning, sharing, and finding inspiration in diverse content and opportunities.

Packly’s success at the We Make Future

Events like We Make Future are always an unique opportunity to meet new people, discover new perspectives, and create meaningful connections. The Packly Tour could not miss this valuable occasion. We stopped in the beautiful Riviera for three intense days. This providing a unique opportunity for meetings and knowledge exchange.Our booth captured the attention of an eclectic crowd of industry professionals. Designers, marketers, agencies, and brand owners filled our space, all eager to discover our platform.

The practical demonstration

The practical demonstration was a true outpouring of interest and curiosity. This confirmed that Packly meets a widespread need: simplifying the process of creating custom packaging. The practical demonstration of the platform was particularly appreciated, generating great enthusiasm. Visitors were able to experience a tangible and visual demonstration, witnessing firsthand the effectiveness and user-friendliness of the platform. Moreover, during the demonstration, participants learned how to input the desired measurements for the packaging, highlighting a crucial point: no minimum order is required. Additionally, the realistic 3D preview enabled everyone to assess the resemblance to printed packaging, offering a precise and detailed perspective of the final result. This enthusiasm further motivates us to continue studying innovative solutions in the custom packaging sector.

A whole new vibe with the Packly Boom Box

A whole new vibe with the Packly Boom Box, that undoubtedly took center stage during our We Make Future event. This unique box, specially created for the occasion, takes the shape of a 90s radio. We offered an interactive and engaging experience. All you had to do was insert your smartphone into the designated space to play your favorite song!

Those who visited our booth, whether they were already familiar with Packly or discovered us enthusiastically during the fair, had the opportunity to “win” the Packly Boom Box in a truly social way! It simply involved taking a photo of the box and sharing a story on Instagram, accompanied by their favorite song. This initiative proved to be a genuine success, as did our booth, which boasted a wall full of box models, becoming one of the most photographed spots in the entire fair!


In conclusion, the combination of the Packly Boom Box and the innovative platform sparked great interest and engagement from visitors, creating a dynamic and interactive atmosphere. We were delighted to offer participants a unique and memorable experience. It helpes solidify Packly’s presence as an innovative and creative company in the packaging industry.