Packly has achieved another significant goal with the attainment of ISO 14001 certification.

Packly has obtained ISO 14001 certification. What is it and why is it important to us? It is a recognition that “protects confidence in an organization’s ability to fulfill its environmental policy and comply with applicable laws to limit pollution and continuously improve its performance.” It is part of a series of international standards developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and focuses on Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

The attainment of this certification by Packly demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to pursuing sustainable practices. It also ensures responsibility, guaranteeing reduced environmental impact and promoting the conservation of natural resources.

Another step towards sustainability

ISO 14001 certification requires organizations to engage stakeholders such as employees, suppliers, customers, and the local community in the environmental management process. This promotes a culture of shared responsibility and collaboration for environmental protection.

Packly regularly monitors, measures, and evaluates environmental performance. Through internal audits and systematic reviews, the company identifies areas for improvement and takes corrective actions to maintain the effectiveness of its EMS over time.

Our ISO 14001 certification attests to our commitment to responsible environmental management. It demonstrates our willingness to preserve the environment and provide sustainable solutions to our valuable customers. It fully aligns with our philosophy that with Packly, “every day is Earth day.”

ISO 14001 joins BRCGS and FSC

ISO 14001 certification joins BRCGS and FSC certifications. The latter guarantee the safety and responsible management of raw materials in the packaging production process. This further strengthens Packly’s role as a company committed to advancing this mission.

The BRCGS standard for packaging, officially called the “BRCGS Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials,” provides a set of requirements that companies must meet to ensure the safety and integrity of packaged products. This standard applies to all companies involved in packaging production.

The main objectives of the BRCGS standard for packaging include quality management, traceability, hygiene, and product safety. It is not just about complying with formal requirements but providing tangible assurance for our customers.

Every packaging is produced by Packly with care, attention, and in compliance with strict quality standards.

The FSC certification reflects Packly’s commitment to responsible forest management on a global level. Through the FSC Chain of Custody certification system, we closely monitor the origin of the cardboard used in packaging production, ensuring that it comes from sustainably managed forests.


With ISO 14001 certification, Packly continues to demonstrate its dedication to adopting best practices in the industry, promoting innovation and progress towards increasingly sustainable packaging production.