Luxe Pack Monaco 2023 Packly will be there

Once again, we are looking forward to make our mark at the luxury fest. 

From October 2nd to 4th, 2023, Luxe Pack will take place at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. Packly will be present at booth DD02BIS in the Diaghilev Hall.

This global event is a crucial gathering ground for innovations in high-end packaging. Packly not only participates but also stands out as a sponsor, underscoring its commitment to shaping the future of luxury packaging.

Luxe Pack Monaco 2023: A Gathering of Excellence

Participating in Luxe Pack Monaco 2023 means delving into a wide spectrum of perspectives on luxury packaging. It’s a unique opportunity to explore design, consumer expectations, societal, technological, and ethical shifts. With the emergence and development of new consumer behaviors, such as e-commerce and customization, the packaging sector is facing new challenges and opportunities.

The Luxury Fest

Luxe Pack Monaco is a global event, comprising 5 trade shows worldwide, united by a dedicated digital portal for high-quality packaging innovation. This event brings together professionals from various sectors, including beauty, cosmetics, perfumes, skincare, fragrances, makeup, wines and spirits, luxury food, and much more. It’s the perfect occasion to inspire distinctive packaging creation, promote sustainability, and develop cutting-edge digital concepts.

2023’s Prospects

The prospects for Luxe Pack Monaco 2023 are exciting. With over 800 national and international exhibitors and more than 25,000 participants from around the world, the event offers endless opportunities to express creativity, embrace innovative design, and adopt the latest trends. In an increasingly sustainability-oriented world, Luxe Pack Monaco also represents a significant platform for promoting more eco-friendly practices in the luxury packaging sector.


Packly’s presence at Luxe Pack Monaco 2023 is one of the most significant and relevant contributions to the luxury packaging sector. This event provides an opportunity to explore the world of high-quality packaging, embrace innovation, and promote sustainability. Packly is more than just a participant; it is a key player actively contributing to the transformation of this industry. Don’t miss the chance to join the Packly team at booth DD02BIS, Diaghilev Hall, to discover the latest developments in the world of luxury packaging.