During the last edition of Cosmopack 2018 we had the pleasure to meet a lot of visitors, both customers and not, from all over the world. In that occasion we disclosed some news that will be soon available on Packly.

If you missed the event and can’t wait to know what it is about, don’t worry! In this article you will find all the information you need to surf our innovative wave.

First of all, metallized packagings without minimum order. Gold, silver and all the CMYK colours will be available in metallized version directly online. In fact, we will introduce a new metallized paperboard that, with an accurate graphic design, will allow you to recreate the metallized effect on all the CMYK shades. No hot stamping, a laminated paperboard that could be partially or totally printed to get the metallized effect wherever you want, both on the whole packaging or only on specific areas. In this case we will add a fifth spot colour to the CMYK inks: the white.

Then, Kraft paperboard. Another addition to our material range. Strong paperboard, havana colour, that seems more raw and ecological to most people. It satisfies the needs of all the users that are seeking a material that immediately appears more natural and authentic.

Visitors welcomed these news with enthusiasm. People who already knew us had the opportunity to meet us and to experience first hand the quality of the products in preview. People who didn’t know Packly had the pleasure to discover all the features and the news in one shot.


Both the materials are not available online yet, but if you need more information about them don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to know your needs and try to satisfy them 🙂


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