Packly will spot its green light in Berlin for the 6th edition of the E-Commerce Germany Awards 2023.

February 22nd will be an opportunity to celebrate the success of the e-commerce leaders. These awards recognize excellence in online businesses, from retail to payments and logistics, within the E-Commerce Germany Awards 2023.

E-Commerce Awards in Berlin

Berlin will host the sixth edition of the E-commerce Germany Awards, an annual event recognizing the leaders of the e-commerce sector. Traditionally, EGA acts as a platform for networking and sharing best practices among customers, service providers, and partners. The Awards consist of two parts: a competition and a networking party.

So what are the steps for voting?

Firstly, the public can express their preference by voting from their Linkedin account.

The ten companies receiving the most votes in each category will advance to the second round; at this point, an expert jury will choose the final winner in each of the twelve categories. During the awards ceremony, they will unveil the name of the winners.

The 12 categories of the E-commerce Germany Awards are:

#1 Best Omnichannel Solution

#2 Best Product Content Creation Tool

#3 Best Sales Generation Tool

#4 Best Customer Communication Tool

#5 Best Solution for International Expansion

#6 Best Logistics Solution

#7 Best Platform / Shop software

#8 Best Payment Solutions

#9 BestAnalytics / BI solutions

#10 The Best Agency

#11 Best IT and infrastructure solution

#12 Best innovation / New development in E-commerce

Packly at the E-Commerce Germany Awards 2023

Packly, as a complete packaging design platform, keeps reinventing and renewing itself! The new interface makes the user experience even smoother: the entire design process is on one page!

This evolution has led to the double nomination for the EGAs. Packly competes in two categories:

·   Best Logistics Solution

·   Content Creation


Luck is associated with the color green, just like Packly. All you have to do is vote for Packly at the Germany Awards 2023 and keep your fingers crossed!