In the past few weeks we worked hard to improve our services and make them more effective and efficient. We are in beta. We have so many new features that make Packly a complete tool for packaging design.

Everyone will be able to:

  • create precise custom diecuts and download them
  • get a real time quote, based on the quantity and size of the custom box chosen
  • order boxes with your custom design (starting from one copy)

One of the most interesting features we will release soon is the option to purchase and download a 3D packaging file with your custom design. You will be able to download a PDF file with a three dimensional view of your custom box (360° rotational view feature).

Contact us with suggestions/feedback at contact [at]



Inserisci le dimensioni e ottieni subito l'anteprima del packaging
Insert size and you’ll get the packaging preview


You can download the diecut file in PDF in a few click