We are happy to announce Packly introduced today a new feature available: the 3D virtual interactive mockup. With this new feature the graphic designer will be able to build and buy easily the virtual preview of a package with your custom graphics.


What is 3D virtual interactive mockup?

The 3D virtual interactive mockup is a PDF file containing a representation in three dimensions of your package personalized with your own graphics design. You can rotate the box 360 ° and view it from any angle to evaluate your new idea of ​​package.

Packly – Virtual 3D example from Packly on Vimeo

The 3D Virtual interactive mockup offers you the opportunity to speed up the process of creating a new package and allows you to share a new idea with customers, employees and colleagues. You will be able, for example, to share the files of your custom 3D mockup during a video conference with a customer or to send the virtual preview of your project via email.

This new service is already available on our platform.

Try it now! Order your own 3D virtual interactive mockup with Packly.