Corrugated cardboard: the new 1.7mm thick material is available online. The latest addition from Packly for perfect shipping

Corrugated cardboard with 1.7mm thickness, the brand new medium launched by Packly. A new material created to meet the needs of packaging for heavier or shippable products.

Technical Specification for the new material

Let’s start with the composition of the new medium: white top cardboard laminated on a E-flute. The choice aims at maintaining Packly’s print quality standards, combined with a very strong material for exceptional performance. This results in high print yield and extreme robustness. The perfect combination to ensure packaging that is beautiful to look at, but fully functional with excellent resistance to stress during shipping.

high quality printing detail on corrugated box
High quality printing detail on corrugated box

The new material is available in customized sizes, with the possibility of applying special finishes and of ordering even one single sample.

The importance of custom sizes

Have you ever purchased online and received a bulky box, difficult to open and full of useless plastic filling? Surely your first thought was: why such a huge box for a small object? And then: why all the waste? Creating custom-made boxes means reducing the production of unnecessary and bulky waste. Sustainability is not a trend but rather a must to account for in any packaging project.

Box models available on corrugated

How do I calculate the size of my customized corrugated packaging?

Easily done: just measure the product you need to pack in width, depth and height. Enter these data on Packly, select the material (Corrugated + White Top) and that’s it. In a few seconds you can download your professional dyeline, ready to be finalized with your graphics.

welcome kit inspiration eflute hinged lid box
Welcome kit inspiration on white top laminated to corrugated

The role of special finishes for corrugated cardboard

A recent study by the European Journal of Scientific Research has shown that there is a strong correlation between packaging design and the perceived value of a product. Consumers tend to think that if the company put so much care into a “simple” shipping box, the product inside must be premium.

embellishment detail on packly corrugated box
Embellishment detail on corrugated box

How can I add value to my corrugated packaging? You can add a special finish, such as gold, silver foil or spot varnish. With Packly you can embellish your corrugated box and test the quality of your packaging by ordering even a single copy.

wine luxury gold foil corrugated auto bottom box
Wine luxury gold foil corrugated auto bottom box

How can I validate my project before producing it?

You created your own corrugated box but you would like to see the result before moving on to large scale production, fair enough. Packly is on point. You can also order one single copy, with or without printing, with production times starting from 48 hours! What are you waiting for?

E-flute box for cosmetic accessories
E-commerce box on corrugated
Hinged lid box for smartwatch on corrugated with special finishing


Do you need a customized packaging solution for eCommerce that is resistant, versatile and eco-friendly? You have come to the right place. Try now by building a prototype with Packly. We will print it out for you and ship it anywhere even in one single copy!