Are you a creative and you want to promote your work? You are in the right place then! Packly #MyRockingBox is a project born from a simple idea: we make the boxes, you the graphic design.

Packly #MyRockingBox

The initiative consists in a public call about creation of custom graphic design projects through the packagings available on our platform and it is addressed to all graphic designers and creatives.

In order to submit to the contest, designer will have to realise an innovative project starting from the packaging available in the Packly “Create” page: box style, dimensions and substrate can be chosen by participants with no restrictions. In addition, it is possible to use artworks already realised, both public or on the market, but they must belong to the participant and fit Packly die-cut templates.

Once the graphic file will be realised, according to our platform print requirements, creatives have to send their proposals and a short description of the graphic project at myrockingbox(at) : all the innovative projects created and selected – based on our service requirements – will be realised and printed by Packly and published on our blog, in the Design Ideas section.

The winners will receive their own custom printed box and their projects will be released through Packly Social Networks. The designer remains the owner of the project, however Packly will reserve the right to use the graphic design selected and the pictures of the final packaging in order to increase the informative and promotional multichannel actions about our service and for no other purposes.


Why did we choose to launch this contest?

That’s easy! Packly is about packaging creation starting from diecut templates to printed boxes, though it doesn’t offer a graphic design service. That’s the reason why everyday we face with companies that are looking for graphic design specialists able to realise their projects.


Why should you take part in?

All the selected participants, beyond a free promotion concerning their work, may be contacted directly from our customers about possible highly professional collaborations.


What are you waiting for? Create your graphic design and share it with your friends and colleagues using our hashtags #Packly #MyRockingBox…our contest starts now!


All the received and unpublished material will be deleted.