Adobe Max 2021. Packly sponsors the worldwide conference dedicated to creativity.

Adobe Max 2021 is like Oscar night for film lovers. It is an opportunity to meet and exchange tips revolving around digital creativity: graphics, animation, photography, design, digital video. That’s why Packly decided to be a silver sponsor. Before the pandemic, the in-person event took place in Los Angeles. As a matter of fact, it was only open to a few lucky early joiners.

However, recent events have transformed events to the core. The virtual modality allows everyone to attend a conference where incredible creative professionals share news and trends. Adobe Max 2021 edition will be held October 26th-28th. Packly is certainly proud to announce being a Silver Sponsor.

This is not your usual virtual event but a place to:

  • Find inspiration by participating in live sessions
  • Discover the latest news
  • Enjoy musical performances with special guests
Adobe Max 2021: creativity at its best
Adobe Max 2021: creativity at its best

Packly is the right fit for Adobe Max 2021

We position our product as an indispensable tool to boost the creativity for graphic designers. Our offer is indeed unique in this field.

Packly’s library has become more substantial thanks to the 62 models of fully customizable boxes. Thus we have reached over 4,399,537,450,340 combinations of sizes. This means infinite possibilities for creatives approaching packaging design. That is why Adobe Max 2021 was definitely the place to be for us.

The innovation of the 3D preview with metallic effects

But there’s more to it. A project only becomes successful when it is shared and appreciated. Indeed Packly creates a realistic 3D preview of the custom packaging within seconds. Even the metallic effects of special finishes are visible. What’s more is that the 3D environment is customizable with your own logo and theme. Then, with a simple link, you can share the draft on any device!

Packly is Silver Sponsor at Adobe Max 2021
Packly is Silver Sponsor at Adobe Max 2021


In short, join us at Adobe Max 2021. Meanwhile, experiment with out powerful tool. Choose from our vast library. Create a prototype today. It may be award-winning!