Packly at Viscom Italia 2016: a successful participation. Many visitors, professionals, and nonprofessionals, visited our booth to find out all the features of our service.

The ones who already know us enjoyed the preview of our new service: the 3D models’ generator, a tool that creates an online 3D mockup of the box in real time with custom artworks. A useful graphic tool for everyone who designs personalised packaging. It allows checking the 3D version of the graphics directly online and it could be easily shared with the customers to let them approve the draft before placing the definitive order of the custom boxes.

All the guests who met us for the first time were pleasantly surprised to come across our platform: a service that many people defined revolutionary in the packaging design area.

What about us? We’re flattered and honored to receive so many compliments and will keep on working to improve our service and offer our users a professional tool to design custom high-quality paperboard packaging at an unbeatable price.




Packly at Viscom - booth